The light is within you

Don’t lose hope just try and find the inner spark and move towards your goal with passion.


Miles to go…….

Maybe life shows us different roads to travel a single destination and certainly we try to choose the road travelled infrequently.

But choosing a diverse pathway doesn’t guarantee success, because the victory is set on the pivot of hard work and sheer dedication.

Many a times we listen to generous people giving suggestions about having a unique way of working for our dreams but quite rarely they suggest us to work diligently even if the work is of monotonous nature.

While most of the times people suggest us to try not to fall down but rarely anyone suggest about how to get up after falling and how to recover from the wounds.

Maybe what is required to become accomplished or to understand the real purpose of life is hardly taught to us.

There are certainly questions which keep coming up in our mind when we are busy making the world happy but we never try to find rational solutions to these monsters which leads us to feel unsatisfied with our life.

This journey about finding the purpose of life is a miles long way which seeks our time and admiration about ourselves. While in life the TIME in our hands is limited………………..

For the colours always bring peace in our minds. Enjoy the colours of nature………

My extravagant dreams

Once I was walking through a beautiful road and caught sight of a forest, explicitly it seemed like a wonderful place to visit.

Unknowingly I stepped inside the lush green forest and thereafter the pathway lead me to a beautiful destination.

Sitting near the lake I saw the stars falling from the endless sky and leading towards the mountains.

Running after the light I didn’t realised that I crossed the mountains and later I felt pain in my feets and realised that running 🏃🏻‍♀️…… after my Dreams I got pain and wounds.

But the question which surprised me was an unknown feeling that made me forget about the agony and the sufferings which this road towards my extravagant dreams was offering.

Isn’t it more strange that in life what we feel is important turns out to be insignificant. Maybe life was all about simplicity but we are making it complex.

Maybe what ever is meant for you will always find it’s way towards you while on contrary things which aren’t for us will always fall apart.

Maybe the script is already planned and we are merely playing a role designed by the creator……………..

Life is beautiful


Dreams never fade away

The life is the most mysterious creation of God and it takes many twists and turns before getting settled for good.

Maybe this turbulence help us know the importance of it being straightforward but this roller coaster ride is indeed more enjoyable.

Often we see our dreams fade away in one go but Dreams never say goodbye, they may be deferred for a time being but eventually we get their hold back again.

But many a times we get impatient about how much time to wait for.

Maybe life doesn’t go according to the clock which humans created, maybe there is no expiry date of dreams.

They are forever and hence the waiting time is indefinite, therefore to know when the time is due to set a dream or to accomplish it.

One must keep looking for signals which life keep on giving………..

Maybe life will try to intimate you by bringing new people in your life or maybe the roads which you thought were impossible to travel, will give you indication that they are ready to make you a traveller and lead you to beautiful destinations

There is no end to Dreams unless the counts of breath are still there in your hands……….

The Journey called life………

The longest ride

Maybe life isn’t as easy as the journey seems, or eventually the only simplicity which life offers is the end of this journey called life.

Till now the life has shown me a lot of things and made me grasp some of the most important lessons of life, It made me WHO I am and did my orientation in a way when I feel happy about every little blessing which comes in my way.

Isn’t it strange that the things which seemed important now are neglected and isn’t it more surprising that once the dreams which were impossible now are a piece of cake for me.

But truly every stage of this game called life bestowed me with many miracles and helped me elevate many obstacles.

But one such question which always puts me in a stage of dilemma is when is this journey going to end and In what way.

Or Is this a cyclical path which will again bring the game back to the beginning.

A question unresolved…………………..🏃🏻‍♀️………………

Maybe there is no end to this journey……….

Finding oneself in all those missing pieces

Maybe life isn’t about finding the right people hence it is about finding oneself in all those scattered pieces called DAYS of life.

Maybe life isn’t about visiting new places, hence it is about finding novelty in the places we visit daily.

Maybe life isn’t about helping others, probably it is about finding peace in becoming stepping stone for someone else’s journey.

Maybe life isn’t about having materialistic accomplishments, perhaps it is about having lovely experiences to share.

Maybe life isn’t about being familiar to the old acquaintances, however it is about seeking old in new connections.

Maybe the journey towards the Dreams isn’t long as it apparently seems but eventually the time is taken while decision making.

Maybe no one goes away from this place called World but there is another beautiful place which seeks our arrival when we are done losing hold of this Game we are currently in.

Life is beautiful when you start seeing loveliness in all those little gifts of Nature.

Life goes on…… there is a lot to learn from it.

We never lose sight of our dreams, we lose our vision due to temporary setbacks, but eventually we end up finding our pole star and reach our DESTINATION.

Life is beautiful

Once the things which seemed impossible Now I am seeing them getting accomplished

Once the roads that seemed uneven Now seems easier

Once the people who were mysterious Now have become friendly

Once the Dreams which seemed unattainable Now seems mine

Once my life was like a wanderer and Now this soul found an abode to call mine………

Zindagi Gulzaar hai!

A Permanent abode🙏🏻

Some People are like stars