Everyday “Genius” Vocabulary


There are many words that we use in everyday life that we might consider “genius vocabulary.” Here are a few examples:

  1. Serendipity – This word means a happy coincidence or unexpected discovery. For example, if you happen to run into an old friend while you’re out running errands, you could say it was a serendipitous encounter.
  2. Ubiquitous – This word means something that is everywhere or very common. For example, smartphones have become ubiquitous in our society.
  3. Quintessential – This word means the most typical or representative example of something. For example, if someone is described as the quintessential New Yorker, it means they embody all the qualities that are typically associated with people from New York.
  4. Euphemism – This word means a mild or indirect way of expressing something that might be considered too harsh or unpleasant. For example, saying that someone “passed away” instead of “died” is a euphemism.
  5. Cacophony – This word means a harsh or discordant sound. For example, if you’re in a room with a lot of people talking loudly all at once, it might be described as a cacophony of noise.
  6. Epiphany – This word means a sudden realization or understanding. For example, if you suddenly realize what you want to do with your life after years of feeling lost, you could say you had an epiphany.

These are just a few examples, but there are many more words that we use in everyday life that could be considered “genius vocabulary.”


The road to success is often accomplished ALONE.

Alone you came and alone one has to leave, so why do we seek approval of other people when we have to accomplish what our heart desires.




Stand up ALONE


Slowly and steadly keep moving towards what your heart desires, for their is this ONE LIFE.

You have this ONE LIFE and no coming back. Hence LIVE ! Live as your heart desires.

All ALONE towards the goal, dreams and destinations you had in mind in the start or this journey.

Move towards the destination you wanted to, you aspired to when times were good.

Get back your lost energy and escape the cage. The cage is in your mind. Break the barriers and MOVE

All ALONE, All ALONE…………

The empty road

Life, isn’t it lovely and most spectacular present given to us by Almighty.

Usually when we fall while running on this road towards our destination, it is people who help us recover from the pain of the setback.

While the journey towards the Dreams seems difficult to reach, but certainly the end of the tunnel shows us the bright side of life.

Moreover, to enjoy that sunny side of life we need to face some dark nights as well, to enjoy the LIGHTS we need to be habitual of watching the plain sky.

Isn’t it surprising when we listen to the achievers telling about their impossible success stories and letting us in to their experiences about once being miserable.

While, when we start exchanging ideas with prominent people, we realise about how to manage our life in a way that demand us to spend the sleepless nights planning for our dreams.

The more dedication we put in our dreams, the more we could celebrate on being successful.

Once the road which seem empty and there seems no hope, will turn into a beautiful journey provided you get support of right people.

Until the right person comes in your life, you have YOURSELF being the yardstick of your dreams and hence that faith in YOURSELF will get you through this journey of life.

The journey towards the empty road.

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