“The Ten Precious Gifts of Life: A Poetic Reminder to Cherish and Affirm”

Dearest child of the universe,
May I remind you of the blessings diverse,
That you have received since your birth,
Gifts from the Lord, the most precious of worth.

Firstly, the gift of life itself,
A chance to grow, learn, and delve,
Into the mysteries of this world so vast,
A journey to cherish, a moment to last.

Secondly, the gift of love,
From family, friends, and the One above,
A force that binds, connects, and heals,
A power that makes life richer and real.

Thirdly, the gift of freedom,
The ability to choose and blossom,
To follow your heart, to live your truth,
To express yourself, to grow and soothe.

Fourthly, the gift of nature,
The beauty, the calm, the adventure,
The mountains, the oceans, the trees,
The sunsets, the flowers, the breeze.

Fifthly, the gift of knowledge,
The power to learn, understand, and acknowledge,
The wonders of science, art, and culture,
The wisdom of sages, the lessons of nature.

Sixthly, the gift of creativity,
The spark of imagination and ingenuity,
The ability to create, to innovate, to dream,
To express your soul, to make a lasting theme.

Seventhly, the gift of health,
The vitality, the wellness, the wealth,
The ability to move, to breathe, to thrive,
To enjoy life fully, to be alive.

Eighthly, the gift of compassion,
The empathy, the kindness, the passion,
The ability to feel for others, to serve,
To make a difference, to love and preserve.

Ninthly, the gift of faith,
The trust, the surrender, the grace,
The connection to the Divine, the source,
The guidance, the comfort, the force.

Tenthly, the gift of purpose,
The mission, the calling, the surface,
The reason for being, the path to take,
The contribution to make, the difference to make.

Now, my dear, to affirm these gifts,
To honor them, to cherish them, to uplift,
You may repeat these words each day,
And let their power guide your way:

I am grateful for my life, my love, my freedom,
For nature, knowledge, and creativity’s wisdom,
For my health, compassion, faith, and purpose divine,
For the blessings of the Lord that forever shine.

May these gifts be your constant reminder,
Of the beauty, the wonder, the splendor,
Of this life, this journey, this universe grand,
And may you always have them in your hand.


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