Dear Future

Dreams are calling

Dear Future,

Thanks for keeping me alive each day and showing me hope about meeting the future me,

Future Me ?

The future version of me, the more positive me and the more self dependent me.

The Me who fear none and believe in the power of dreams and hope. The Me who is having more energy and self esteem to face the obstacles with a bright smile on my face.

Dear Future, Today I am happier and more relaxed. Today I am more cheerful and grateful than ever before. Because today, I opened up my eyes to see the blessings around me. Today, I saw the Sun shining bright and birds with extended feathers setting up for a journey to their dreamland. Today, I saw stars glowing in the dark sky.

Dear Future, Today when I close my eyes and wake up. I will see you and will be thankful to my lucky stars for giving me another day to bring more colours to my life.

Dear Future will see you soon.

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