A trip to eternal

People drive to n fro,

Where to go they dont know,

For salaried they have to reach before deadline,

Businessman have to be on time,

For professionals there is no criteria set,

Depends upon people’s mindset,

According to pocket different modes,

to reach one destination various roads,

Running all the day long,

But we tend to forget where we belong,

Nobody thinking about final destination,

No idea and no exact location,

No specific route to pave your way,

All the conveyances will be stray,

Even this body will say no,

Just our souls will go,

that journey is going to be long,

no headphone to play any song,

Silence all the way till destination,

But wait there is some confusion,

The doors are closed,

password won’t be disclosed,

For our deeds will determine the admission,

Only good deeds will help us get permission,

That world has no reservation,

Managers won’t even see your designation,

Ones with negative points will be diverted back,

to this world which is a shack,

Getting polluted day by day,

moral values degrading away,

People killing one another,

due to status, Religion & politics altogether,

Welcome again to the same hell,

It is up to you how you excel,

Regain the strength and perform awesome,

So when u knock the same door u can hear welcome.🙏 – Pranveet

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